Dr. Dozier's Patient Testimonials

I sought chiropractic care for the first time in my life following a car accident that occurred in January 2006. I was suffering from upper back pain and severe headaches. I was initially referred to a different local chiropractor by a friend and felt their treatment protocol was too aggressive (frequency of visits and type of treatment) and left me feeling in more pain. I made the switch to Dr. Dozier and was so grateful to find him. I started feeling better after my very first appointment with Dr. Dozier. He took the time to explain things I should be doing at home to rehabilitate myself and rather than setting out a treatment protocol of a dozen or more visits in 2 day intervals, he suggested we start with bi-weekly appointments and change the schedule as needed based on my progress. After just a few weeks I reduced the frequency of my visits and continued to do so. I now see him only once every 8 weeks, or as needed to keep my back, hips and neck in alignment and I feel great. I recommend Dr. Dozier to anyone looking for a chiropractor. He is kind, gentle, expresses genuine concern for your condition and progress and is always professional and on-time.

-Rebekah Richards

Dr. Tim Dozier truly cares about your good health. I visited him with chronic back pain several years ago. He gave me immediate relief and stopped the aching in three visits. Dr. Dozier advised me that I can manage my back care without continual office care, by performing proper back exercises. I do these exercises daily and have not needed further office visits. I recommend Dr. Dozier to anyone concerned about honest care and advice leading to pain free better health.

Robin G. Doria, Financial Advisor

Dr. Dozier proactively addresses my needs with active listening skills at a valued service price that fits my budget. It is not in one ear and out the other with Dr. D!

Chip Allen
Chip Allen Photography

Before my first visit to Dr. Dozier's office, I could barely walk and sitting was also painful due to extreme back pain. After my first session with him, I barely felt any pain and could walk with ease. The next time I have any pains, I would not hesitate to call Dr. Dozier right away. Dr. Dozier is a very skilled chiropractor with a calming demeanor who is sincerely interested in the best health care of his patients. He takes the time to review your health and medical history and listens to your needs and expectations. I would highly recommend Dr. Dozier to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

Michiko Cespedes

Dr. Dozier's adjustments and advice have given me great relief from my ongoing neck issues. He doesn't just give you an adjustment and ask you to come back. He spends time asking questions and explaining things so you can also help yourself stay better. I highly recommend Dr. Dozier for your chiropractic needs.

Karen V.